After 40 years of pledgeship, LA Epsilon initiates 6 into the brotherhood!!!  

Since the mission of Louisiana Epsilon Alumni Association is to bring all the gang back together again, we formally initiated some of our brothers who were swept ashore by the tidal wave of fun that was LSU and Louisiana Epsilon before they could reach the beach of formal initiation.  All these guys are a vital part of our group and are a big part of everyone's collective memories of our days at the E-Lodge.  Good citizens, good friends, and true brothers all!  So, just like the Marines, we leave no man behind!

  Both the Louisiana Epsilon chapter of SAE and the Louisiana Epsilon Alumni Association of SAE co-hosted a formal initiation ceremony which finally initiated six brothers who pledged the chapter in the 1980s but were never initiated due to various reasons. Even though these brothers were not formally initiated during their LSU years, they all contributed greatly to the fraternity over the years by sponsoring the SAE World Series softball tournament, enthusiastically attending alumni events, and assisting the active chapter over many decades. Their continued dedication and service to SAE fraternity and the LSU chapter has not gone unnoticed and the time had come for them to be formally initiated.

  The Supreme Council of SAE approved Todd M. Brady, Fred C. Dent III, Christopher W. Dorion, John S. Gutierrez, Michael C. Horn, and Neal T. McMahon to be formally initiated into the Louisiana Epsilon chapter of SAE.     The ceremony was performed on Sunday, December 17th in a secret upstairs room at Crescent City Steakhouse in New Orleans by an official SAE ritual team. We had Louisiana Epsilon alumni come in from around the state and even had a few alumni from out of state.  We also had a group of actives from the chapter come in to participate in the initiation ceremony and lend us a hand.  Special thanks to chapter advisor, Ken Denny, who officiated the ceremony, and to Geary Mason who coordinated with the National SAE office to make this event possible.

   The initiation ceremony was followed by dinner, drinks, fellowship, and a general good time all everyone that attended.  Mission accomplished!


New Orleans - October 6th

Welcome to the SAE LSU Alumni Association!

      Welcome to the Louisiana Epsilon Alumni Association of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Our purpose is to bring together Louisiana Epsilon alumni of all ages and have various social events throughout the year to keep us connected. 

  We will have fun social events, news, and causes for you to participate and re-connect with your fellow Louisiana Epsilon alumni around the state. We are now official!!! …..We have established officers, a board of directors, bylaws, a post office box, a bank account, this website, and we have been approved by the SAE National Office.  

  So, our goal is to grow and strengthen our bond our brotherhood and freindship well into the future.  We want to make getting together with our SAE brothers a regular part of our life again.  As a group, we always have a good time whenever we get together, so why not do it more often.  As always, fun is our goal.

    What can you do ? You can best support our alumni association by becoming a member and by encouraging your pledge brothers to join also. By joining now, you will be a founding member and contribute to the success and longevity of this organization. Membership is only $20 per year or $300 for a Lifetime Membership. You can join by either clicking on the “Join the Association” button below or you can send a check payable to “Louisiana Epsilon Alumni Association” and mail to : Louisiana Epsilon Alumni Association, P.O. Box 57403 ,New Orleans, LA.  70157.  

    None of our funds will be mixed with the LSU SAE active chapter. All funds will be used for expenses related to this alumni association (website, post office, events, etc.)

    Our biggest challenge is finding updated contact information on our fellow alumni. Please help us update your contact information by clicking the “Update your Contract Information” button below. Please encourage your fellow alums to do the same.  

    Membership is open to any Louisiana Epsilon alumni who was formally initiated or not initiated. It is important to know that if you were never formally initiated, you are welcome to join and participate.  

    Many Louisiana Epsilon alums have volunteered to be class captains responsible for trying to track down members of their pledge/initiation class and updating their contact information. Please contact our Membership Chairman at if you would like to become a class captain for your pledge/initiation class.  We have many years in need of a leader to help us get organized

    We also plan to have regional chairmen in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Lafayette, the Northshore, Alexandria, Shreveport and Monroe to coordinate Louisiana Epsilon Alumni Association activities in each area. We need volunteers for each of these regional areas. All of the current class captions and regional social chairman are listed on our "Contact" page. 

   It is our hope that you check out our website and directory and get back in touch with your old freinds. We welcome everyone's involvement and hope you will join us.  Please encourage you fellow alums to visit the website and join our effort to reconnect with our SAE brothers again.